About us

Meet the team.
  • Francesco Ciarlandini

    Francesco has been developing and producing games for the last five years; he works with the Royal Ontario Museum Game Jam steering committee and is one of its founding members. He has done research for games for the visual impaired and continues to research to create unique and entertaining products.

  • Jessica Muraca
    Art Director

    Jessica is an alumnus of the University of Toronto, an experienced artist well versed in many different styles and genres.

  • Gabriel Nunes
    Senior Programmer

    Gabriel is an alumnus of the University of Toronto's flagship Engineering Science program, an experienced computer programmer, and an avid game developer. With several years' experience in areas like computer graphics, game design, and software engineering, he helps bring Last Hour Games's colourful new experiences to life.

  • Roman Polyanovsky
    Senior Programmer

    Roman is an undergraduate student, and an active member of the University of Toronto Game Design and Development Club. He has been developing games for several years, specializing in various platforms such as Unity and XNA.